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One of our objectives is to support small businesses by giving them access to soft loans for their businesses.

What is the procedure for seed loans to be approved and disbursed?

Option one

1. Submit your name here

2. Reg with N2000
3. Buy loan form of N6000
4. Fill and submit form

5. Wait until the person gathering the group gets up to 20 members as a group including people each person will bring.
6. Disbursement of loan.

Option 2

1. Submit your name here

2. Reg with N2000
3. Buy loan form of N6000, fill form and submit
4. Get 3 people that also need small loan to do the same.
5. Disbursement of loan.



If you are a leader or a member of any existing group like church choir, ushers, local meetings, social clubs, Associations, large peer group, A motivational speaker in seminars etc. You are just a step away from getting this done. Remember that once your group gets the zero interest loan for the first time you will always have it given to you every four months as soon as you complete your payment and you are not to pay interest. Note that you will always have a bulk of money to execute your business transaction while you pay bits of it on weekly bases and enjoy your profit without using it to pay interest rates. Did you know that payment of interest rates over a long period is discouraging especially when the interest rate is high. Make use of the group you are now you will be glad you did.





Meet Mr. Omosimua Frederick Sunday

The Chairman of Omosimua Foundation

Born into the Family of Moses and Theresa Omosimua in Emokweme Village, Agenebode, Edo State, Nigeria.

Has a in Public Administration in University of Lagos.

Currently the CEO of Allnet Technology: An ICT and Advertising Company based in Lagos.



On the 30th of March 2020 during the Corona Virus Pandemic Lockdown in Lagos Nigeria, I decided to use the opportunity of the STAY AT HOME order of the Federal Government to fast and pray for Seven days
This vision was given to me on the 15th of April 2020
The Angel that came to deliver the message showed me around as I walked with him from place to place and I saw some group of people gathering here and there, some set of people were sitting in groups in some places as if they were having a prayer or choir reharsal in differnt locations like five to seven places that look like open places not necessarily church he asked me when am I starting and I told him I will start when I am ready. In the morning I quickly posted it on my whatsapp status saying: "YES LORD, I WILL" The people that read it might not understand what I meant.

The next day I called Bro David Johnson who is also a member of the same church I attend to let me know whenever he would be going for school outreach, I said this because of the little understanding I had about the vision but a few days later I got the full message and I got up boldly to start the foundation.

When I started the foundation I started by saying that it is for the people that are from the same clan of my state of origin which is Edo state but a few days later I got a counter information from the Spirit of God to expabd it nationwide so I came online to make the announcement about the new developement.

This is a ministry that I will use to reachout to people for God. The idea is born of God.
As I am writing down this vision right now, the pastor that got me born again and told me in one of his church services saying: "Fred you are a pastor" in the presence of my younger brother Clement Omosimua a long time ago is just chatting me up after years without seeing him and he just prayed for me, This is happening today on the 22nd of May 2020, his name is pastor Mathew Omogbai.
Another pastor by name, pastor James Okocha of VGF Assemby just came in now to pray for me after pastor Mathew's prayer few minutes after pastor mathew prayed for me.

1. The first friend I told about this vision as at 16th of April 2020 through a whatsapp chat after receiving this mandate with my little understanding of it during the lockdown was Br. David Johnson was in my office yesterday till closing hour. I told Br. David that God asked me to start a ministry that I want to go with him to a school outreach which he organized in one of the secondary schools and he said ok, I said this because I did not even know what to do as at that time. See David Johnson

2. Pastor Mathew Omogbai of Christ Army Deliverance Ministry Agenebode, Edo State chatted me and prayed for me, this is the same pastor that said to me that I was going to be a pastor in year 2000 since then everywhere I go people call me pastor, I sometimes felt embarrassed because I was not and it was getting too much. See Mathew Johnson

3. Pastor James Okocha of Vision With Greater Fire Assembly came into my office to pray for me. He is the pastor that I walked into his church office in 2009 and he introduced me to many pastors for website design.

See James O Okocha

4. Pastor John Agonor called and after our conversation he prayed for me. All these happened just in one day, 22nd May 2020 while I was writing down the vision that God gave me. An encounter with four men of God from different location while writing down a vision is not a coincidence. See John Agonor




Monthly dues of N500 or above based on group agreement.
A fine of N1,000 for absentees
N20,000 for defaulter after extra tenure of repayment.
This could be used by the leader to run the group of 20 members or above.

Omosimua Foundation is established to reach out to indigenous Community business men and women with financial needs by supporting small businesses with loans, giving members Educational support, healthcare, subsidized economic products and social welfare benefits.

Pls note that our current outreach is SEED LOAN for small businesses.

We give soft loan to small businesses
We Support people in Education
We give health care support
We give members access to afford economic products at lower cost.
We empower people nationwide as our representatives.


Omosimua Foundation Cooperative Group is a group of people living the same area where they do their business transactions.

We have the large group and the small group
The large group is between 2000 -6000 members or more where lectures about the foundation is done weekly with both old and new members.
it is a convergence of weekly invitees and members who have not yet got their loans, it is the group that gave birth to the smaller groups of twenty members that have got their loans of zero interest rate who are no longer converging in that centre but now have their own venue of meeing.

The Small Group is a group of Twenty people who are joined together to take loan at the same time.
They are to meet on monthly on the last week of the month after taking their loan to have an update.

whatsapp group
Both large and small groups are to have their whatsapp groups respectively.

First of all, register with the foundation as the leader of a group, talk to people around your location and also tell whoever you have informed to inform others about getting loan from Omosimua Foundation so that they can register until you get Twenty members registered and getting loan forms. The leader of this group of Twenty people is the first person to register among them. Pls note that loan cannot be given to anybody who does not belong to any group.

Bulk sms is also used as well as whatsapp to pass any urgent informatin to group members.

1. The group Leader
2. Assistant Group Leader
3. The Secretary
4. The Treasurer

An independent individual can run a cooperative centre of our foundation with the permission of the board of Trustees.
First you apply, after approval you can rent a large hall in your area.
Make a campaign with flyers, posters etc to invite people to the hall on a Suturday. Once you succeed in hold one or two seminars about the foundation and the first twenty people get their loan, anybody that comes will always invite his people without stress.

When you operate our large group cooperative centre in your area, you are entitle to the registration fee of N2000 of each member to eneable you run the programme financially and they can be more than ten thousand people because all members are to invite their people to the venue every weekend. Those groups of twenty who have got the loan are not to join anymore in order to have space for new members.

 Get a small loan for your business, apply now. We give loan between N30k and N100k to boost your business every four months. Apply today.