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One of our objectives is to support small businesses by giving them access to soft loans for their businesses.

What is the procedure for seed loans to be approved and disbursed?

Option one

1. Submit your name here

2. Reg with N2000
3. Buy loan form of N6000
4. Fill and submit form

5. Wait until the person gathering the group gets up to 20 members as a group including people each person will bring.
6. Disbursement of loan.

Option 2

1. Submit your name here
2. Reg with N2000
3. Buy loan form of N6000, fill form and submit
4. Get 3 people that also need small loan to do the same.
5. Disbursement of loan.



Ecobank: --------------------------4573003889
Access Bank ----------------------1221656298
GTBank -------------------------- 0173256337
First Bank: ----------------------- 3064229358
UBA: ---------------------------- 2098941713


Our various fees and charges are:

1. Registration fee of N2000

This is applicable to a member once and for all.

2. Loan Form fee of N6000

This is applicable to a member anytime he or she wants to get loan.

3. Bank Charges on Loan repayment of N100 per payment week.

This is based on the number of months the applicant wants to make his or her repayments. This is applicable to deduction from the amount to be disbursed after approval.

4. Admin fee of N2000

This is applicable to all loans and it is constant.

5. Annual fee of N3000.

This is applicable to a member after the first year of his or her registration. All Annual fees expires on December 31st of each year. A member can either pay voluntarily at the beginning of the year of asked to pay at the time of next request for loan or other items that might be available.

Omosimua Foundation is established to reach out to indigenous Community business men and women with financial needs by supporting small businesses with loans, giving members Educational support, healthcare, subsidized economic products and social welfare benefits.

Pls note that our current outreach is SEED LOAN for small businesses.

We give soft loan to small businesses
We Support people in Education
We give health care support
We give members access to afford economic products at lower cost.
We empower people nationwide as our representatives.

 Get a small loan for your business, apply now. We give loan between N30k and N100k to boost your business every four months. Apply today.